TJ Flute Artists - DeShaun Gordon-King

DeShaun Gordon-King

DeShaun Gordon-King


TJ silver alto flutes



DeShaun Gordon-King is quickly becoming a flutist of note. Known for his soulful tone and mesmerizing phrasing, he has given performances throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. DeShaun grew up surrounded by jazz and gospel music, and began his classical studies while at Duke University. Inspired by these worlds of music, DeShaun is passionate about programming that blends them together to create unique and memorable concert experiences. He wholly believes in pushing music toward its next evolution and is a vocal advocate for new music, especially works by composers of African and Latinx heritage. His primary teachers and mentors include Rebecca Troxler, Keith Underwood, Kaori Fujii, Alhelí Pimienta, and María Gabriela Rodríguez.