TJ Flute Artists - Bevani




Performer Alto Flutes



Bevani is a classically trained flutist who has broken free!

She has reached beyond her classical training to delve into music that moves her mind, body, and soul.

By stepping out of her comfort zone, a new space has opened up for personal and musical growth. Bevani is a variation on the Sanskrit word, "Bhavani," which translates as "the giver of life and the source of creative energy". This name embodies the way Bevani wants of be in the world and the energy she wants to capture with her music and her performances.

She lives in Minneapolis where she teaches private flute lessons, in person and via Skype, and performs regularly at venues around town. Her YouTube Channel has grown to over 60,000 subscribers. Head over there and you'll find a variety of cover songs, classical favourites and flute tutorials for your enjoyment.