Choose your TJ Flute

Choose your TJ Flute

We have a flute with your name on it!


From the TJ 5x beginner flute to the handmade professional models in silver, Grenadilla and Mopane wood, there is a Trevor James flute waiting for you. 


Product details can be found by clicking on the links below or from the dropdown menu on the top left of this page


TJ5x (budget 'first' flute)

The TJ10x (multi-award winning 'starter' flute)

The TJ copper body flute

TJ  'Performers' Series (step-up semi-handmade flutes)  - 


TJ Professional wood flutes


TJ 'Recital' handmade flutes (made to order only)

TJ alto flutes

Free blowing alto flutes in different finishes 


TJ bass flutes

Handmade and free blowing instruments - soldered tone holes


TJ Piccolos

Brillliant free blowing designs for the student through to professional player