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György Sándor Fazakas

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György Sándor Fazakas was born in 1955 at Miscolc, Hungary. He started music studies at age 6 with his father. In 1964 the whole family moved from Germany to South Africa. His father was principal tuba of the Philharmonica Hungarica and PACT Orchestra. George continued his music studies in South Africa with Prof Anton Kratz, Prof Leo Quayle, Joyce Joubert and Fred Poetsch. He completed his schooling at Pretoria Boys High in 1971 with music as a major and also completed Grade 8 (Royal Schools) in Piano. He started with the flute at age 18 and received lessons from André Salm, Jean Blanjé, Peter Baird and Amos Eisenberg. He also participated in flute master classes with James Galway, William Bennett, Susan Milan, Trevor Wye, Shigenuro Kudo, Marc Grauwels, Raffaele Trevisani, Ingrid Hasse, Hermann Klemeyer and Marlene Verwey.

In 1975 George joined the South African Army Band and achieved the rank of 1st Class Musician, principal flute and piccolo. In 1981 he received Teacher’s Licentiates in flute from Unisa and Trinity College, London. He has also played with the SABC, PACT, Pro Musica, National Chamber orchestras as an extra flute/piccolo. He received various Eisteddfod diplomas and studied music at UNISA. In 1983 he was awarded the Fellowship of the Trinity College of Music. He is also a member of the South African Flute Association (FLUFSA).

He was appointed as lecturer in flute at the School of Music, North-West University, and has been there since 1982.
For the past 26 years he has been a member of Musique Romantica (quartet of flute, violin, cello and keyboard) with 2 CD recordings and Meloduo 15 years (flute & harp) with 2 CD contributions. He has also recorded with the Potchefstroom Men’s Choir (2 CD recordings) and Matlosane City Choir (2 CD recordings).

George was also a member of the orchestral ensemble with the world première of Requiem (2007); Gloria (2008) and Magnificat (2009) composed by Hester van der Westhuizen, as well as playing on the CD and DVD recordings.
He also recorded a CD and DVD with the Argentinian work Missa Criolla with the NWU Choir and Amanda Strydom( which has been broadcast numerous times on KYKNET- TV Channel); as well as Carnival of the Animals (part of chamber orchestra) with narrator Philip de Vos, and recordings with several popular South African musicians, including Anton Goosen and Marius Brouwer.

DVD recording and appearance with the NWU Talent Festival Orchestra 2008. Various performances every year with Musique Romantica, Meloduo, session work with pop musicians and various classical performances with choirs and as soloist etc. George has premiered at least one new SA composition for the last several years in the yearly SA Music Concert presented at the School of Music.In 2012 he premiered and recorded the Flute solo Visions d”esquisses par temps de neige op.5 by Jaco Meyer; ( dedicated to George ) and 2013 premiered and recorded the Sonata for solo Flute composed and also dedicated to George by the composer Martin Watt.
All his recordings are available on www.youtube.com

When not involved with lecturing at the university and teaching pupils at the Gimnasium music centre, he loves to perform as much as possible or listen to good music.

George also composes in his spare time and has had numerous chamber works performed including musical and a ballet. He is married to Alexandra and has two children, Michael and Bianca and three grand children, Caide, Adrian and Clarissa.

In 2012 he received the 30 year Long Service certificate from the North-West University and 30 years Long Service certificate from Hoërskool Gimnasium in 2013. 2014 he premiered Boreas Blow by Argentinian composer Mauro Zannoli for Flute and Electronics and Jaco Meyer’s Une dédicace Musica for Flute solo. 2015 he recorded 2 tracks on the cd Gloria with Potchefstroom High School for Girls Choir and also several Flute pieces, which have been posted on youtube.
George also adjudicates regularly each year Music Festivals, Competitions and Eisteddfods in major South African centres like Heidelberg, Klerksdorp, Lichtenburg and Vereniging.

George plays on a handmade Trevor James Recital III Flute and Trevor James Wood Piccolo.